Welcome to the Eye Clinic of dr. De Brauwer

Welcome to the website of the Eye Clinic De Brauwer, private practice of Dr De Brauwer . You can refer to us for:

→ Cataract en cataractsurgery

→ Detection and treatment of glaucoma

→ Detection and treatment of Age related Macula Degeneration(AMD)

→ Detection and treatment of eye-problems related to Diabetes Mellitus

→ Pediatric Ophtalmology

→ Glasses- and Contact lens prescriptions

→ Driver's license examination

→ Lasertreatments


Need an eye doctor?


Our treatments

You can refer to the Eye Clinic De Brauwer for eye diseases, eye examinations and eye surgery . Have a look at the different treatments and examinations we offer.


Opening hours

You can reach the Eye Clinic De Brauwer from 8am to 8pm. You can make an appointment by calling 02/449.05.49 or schedule an appointment online by clicking following link.


Practical information

Do you have an appointment at the Eye Clinic De Brauwer in Sterrebeek (Zaventem)? Please read following practical information.

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